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Holistic Care For Better Outcomes In Chronic Conditions

We are in this together!

We understand the anxiety and helplessness associated with chronic disease and that fighting any chronic disease (as a patient or a caregiver) is very challenging. But you are not alone in this. 

At Kifayti Health, we become partner in the journey of your treatment. We will empower you to take control of your disease and lead healthier lives through awareness and patient centric counselling.

At Kifayti Health we combine innovative technology and personalized care for:

Better treatment outcomes

Better quality of life

Better savings

Why Kifayti Health

Your Path To Sustainable Lifestyle Changes Powered by Technology And Customized Care

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Holistic wellness

Our personalized programs ensure right nutrition and fitness along with emotional well being.

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Sustainable and Measurable Goals

We work together to meet your goals which will be sustainable for lifetime.  

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Certified Champions

Our certified nutritionists and wellness advisors continuously monitor your data which enables them to handhold you to achieve your health goals.

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Precise & Personal Diet Plans Each individual has unique metabolism. Therefore the diet plans are scientifically customized for you.

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Real Time Data

We use sensors  for continuous and accurate measurements and provide regular feedback to doctors.

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Empowering Caregivers

We empower caregivers through training and mental wellness sessions.

We can help you in


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Chronic Kidney Disease

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High Blood Pressure


Recognized By

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Thanks to Kifayti Health, I found out about latest advancements in kidney treatment. Our conversations helped me and and my family to be abreast of all the minute symptoms in kidney disease which are generally overlooked by us.  

— Swati

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