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Kifayti Solution

Kifayti Health collaborate with doctors, health system & care givers to improve the outcomes and experience for the patients

How It Works

Kifayti Health will perform assessment of the patient conditions (including various co morbidities, medication, allergies,  nutritional deficiencies, physical health, mindfulness).
The disease management plan (DMP) will be shared with primary physician for his/her approval.
Champions will coordinate all the activities with the patients (such as reminders and phone calls regarding scheduled activities). Also the primary physician and family member will be updated regularly regarding patient's health.
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Disease Management Plan


Implementation / Coordination




After enrollment all health records of the patient will be brought to Kifayti Health’s online platform.
A multidisciplinary team will  generate proactive and comprehensive insights on patients conditions and will create personalized disease management plan for patient. 
Once the DMP is approved by the doctor, the plan will be implemented by Kifayti Health's Champions. The Champion team is rooted in empathetic, whole person care delivery. 
The goal is to create a seamless, friction less, and supportive care journey for patients who deserve to be treated as people, not as conditions.

Kifayti Health works closely with your primary doctor, renal specialists, family caregivers to ensure the open flow of information and to create a fully integrated experience for the patients.

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